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FA Futsal RTC Testing at Newcastle

FA Futsal Regional Talent Centre (Newcastle) on Saturday 3 November
Posted by: allan

As most are aware there is a pathway for young players who currently play Futsal and those within Football to be part of The FA Futsal Regional Talent Centres. The view to progressing along the pathway to an England U19 International Futsal player. There were players from last year (the first year of running the new format) who did just this. Drew Hodgson is one such local example in the North East and is working towards being included in squad for the first UEFA U19 Euros next year.

We are again running the programme this season for male players born in 2001 or 2002 to be part of this seasons Regional Talent Centre.

The North East event is at Sports Central on Saturday 3rd November 12-5pm. Details are on the poster below.

This is for any male player born in 2001 or 2002 who you think may have potential to play Futsal at a higher level or to get involved in the game. Last year also saw many Football Players at a good level with limited experience in Futsal come into the programme and twin track for a season in both Football and Futsal and consequently joining National League Futsal Clubs.

Any interested player or parent needs to email myself to register their interest, I will then send a google form for their parent to complete and register. It would be great if when registering interest any potential player/parent can give details of previous playing experience or levels in Futsal or Football, but this isn't essential.

As an overview of the whole process in case anyone asks questions directly to yourselves. Players would attend the RTC Testing Day for observations in particular sessions and within game scenarios (Testing isn't a fair reflection of the process, nor does the term sit entirely comfortable with me). There are three of these events in the North (Manchester and York being other venues). Following this they may be invited to RTC Coaching days in February or March. This opens up opportunity to England U19's or the Emerging Talent Group which sits below the U19's.

If anyone needs any further information please direct them to myself via email and I will respond as soon as I can.


Mark Dick FA Affiliate Tutor & Futsal Mentor

Lead Coach The FA Futsal Regional Talent Centres (North)


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