ESFA Council Members

Vacancies to serve on the ESFA Council

Posted by: allan

7th March 2018

Dear County/District Secretary and Chair

I am writing to advise you that the ESFA Council has 5 vacancies for the period 2018/19 – 2020/21 in the following areas:

I would now be grateful if the Association could consider making nominations to Council, in line with the eligibility criteria laid down in section 14(3)a of the Association Handbook.  Both the nomination and its seconding must come from affiliated Associations and must be received by the Chief Executive by close of business on 6th April.  Should competing eligible nominations be received, an election, to conclude by 5th May, will be called.

After 6th April, should this process not elicit eligible nominations to fill all vacancies, then the AGM-approved flexibilities for Council membership shall be enacted, as follows:

“In the event that an eligible nominee for elected Council membership is not identified in an area, Council may, for a period of no longer than one year, co-opt a schools’ employee who does not hold QTS but who is a member of an affiliated Association in the area, as long as the co-opted membership for that area does not exceed 1 member.”

The process for these nominations would be as per the process outlined at the start of this letter, with a view to elections for competing nominations, if arising, concluding by 1st June. Should this become necessary, specific deadlines will be announced on or immediately after 7th April.

The role of Council member is both a demanding and important one and as you can see, the level of vacancies now arising makes nominations vital. Please encourage any interested party to discuss Council membership with the existing members in your region so that nominations are made in the knowledge that those involved are able to commit to the requirements of the role.

Thank you for your support in providing your nomination(s) as outlined above, and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely

Andrea Chilton