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Although the County Schools' Football Association had not yet been established the following was reported in the Durham County Advertiser on Friday 24 April 1908.

"This match between schoolboys representing the counties of Durham and Northumberland took place at Roker Park, Sunderland before only a small attendance. The first half was mostly in Durham's favour, though they had the wind and sun against them. Patterson scored for them (Bolam falling) nearly midway through the first half and soon afterwards the same forward added number two. Northumberland played well but could not find the net.
The second half lacked interest compared with the first section. Durham's good back play kept Northumberland out. Peacock scored Durham's third goal. Bainbridge, the young international, played for Durham and played exceedingly well though he was not able to score."

Result: Durham 3 Northumberland 0

GK; Armstrong (Blaydon)
RB: McLaffy (Southwick), LB: Carr (West Pelton)
RH: Taylor (Silksworth), CH: Handyside (Blaydon), LH: Lamb (Ryhope)
OR: Simpson Bainbridge (Silksworth), IR: Peacock (Blaydon), CF: Patterson (Southwick), IL: Potts (Southwick), OL: Brown (Hylton Road)
GK; Bolam (St Anthony's)
RB: Sharp (Rutherford College), LB: Mordue (Blyth National)
RH: Stich (West Jesmond), CH: Sheriff (Choppington), LH: Vairy (North Shields)
OR: Nicholson (Rutherford College), IR: Hine (Burradon), CF: Riddell (Burradon), IL: Dixon (Choppington), OL: Hughes (Rutherford College)

Season 1910-1911
Durham 2 - 1 Northumberland Merritt (2)

U15 County Player School / Association Apps
Warney Cresswell Shakespeare Road, South Shields SFA 1
Davison Byers Green, Spennymoor SFA 1
Dodds New Brancepeth, Deerness Valley SFA 1
Elsdon Rowlands Gill, Derwent Valley SFA 1
Hartnell S Chilton Buildings, Spennymoor SFA 1
Masters Houghton 1
Merritt Herrington, Lambton & Hetton SFA 1
Ritson Washington Upper Standard 1
Thornton Shotton 1
Vasey Chilton Moor, Lambton & Hetton SFA 1
Wilson Crook, Crook SFA 1

Season 1911-1912 ^TOP

It is recorded in the Minute Book "that two matches with Northumberland - one away and one home - be played this season". There is no mention of the team or the result for the first game but The Durham Advertiser of Fri 19 April 1912  lists the goalscorers for the game at Blyth. However, the minutes of May 11th 1912 state "It was decided to play the return match with Northumberland on Saturday 1 June 1912 at Gateshead."

Northumberland 3 - 5 Durham Mather (2), Wilson, Walls (2)
Durham v Northumberland

U15 County Player School / Association Apps
Crown Fulwell, Sunderland SFA 1
Elliott, Gilbert Trimdon, Kelloe SFA 1
Holland, Peter Herrington 1
Kay Herrington 1
Kirby Washington 1
Mather Wheatley Hill 1
Joseph Nicholson Ryhope 1
Thomas Phillipson Emmaville, Ryton SFA 1
Walls Perkinsville, Chester-le-Street SFA 1
White Birtley, Chester-le-Street SFA 1
Wilson GW Mortimer Road, South Shields SFA 1

Season 1912-1913
Durham 0 - 0 Northumberland

The Durham Chronicle (Fri 3 January 1913) reported "Durham and Northumberland at Birtley before a fair attendance. The Northumberland Boys were the bigger team and their defence was strong. The goalkeeper, Hamilton, played well and the Durham Boys were the stronger and nippier forward line. Holland put in some nice work but, on the whole, Phillipson was the pick of the line. The game resulted in a goallles draw but both sides having played keenly and vigourously."

Northumberland 3 - 4 Durham

U15 County Player School / Association Apps
Aiston Blaydon SFA 1
Dawson H Chester-le-Street SFA 2
Elliott South Shields SFA 1
Greener Chester-le-Street SFA 2
Haggon Washington SFA 2
Holland Peter Lambton & Hetton SFA 2
Holt Stanley SFA 1
Howgate Stanley SFA 1
Kettle South Shields SFA 1
Joseph Nicholson Sunderland SFA 1
Peacock Stockton SFA 2
Thomas Phillipson Emmaville, Ryton SFA 2
Robson Sunderland SFA 1
Routledge Washington SFA 1
Spencer Sunderland SFA 1
Storey Sunderland SFA 1

Season 1913-1914 ^TOP
Durham 1 - 5 Northumberland Harrison

The Durham Chronicle (Fri 2 January 1914) reported "The match between Northumberland and Durham at West Stanley on Saturday was anything but an exciting exhibition. The wind was a prominent factor in the game with the result that in the first half Durham penned their opponents into their own half. The Northumbrian defence, however, was sound only being beaten once by Harrison of West Stanley. The second half saw a complete turning of the tables. Durham were on the defensive all the while and that defence proved a weak one with the result that Northumberland scored no fewer than five times."

Northumberland v Durham

Under 15 County Player School / Association Apps
Burrows Eppleton 1
Crooks Bearpark, Deerness Valley SFA 1
Davison Eppleton, Lambton & Hetton SFA 2
Davison Ryhope, Sunderland SFA 2
Dawson St Bede's, South Shields SFA 1
Harrison Tanfield Higher Elementary, Stanley SFA 2
Hetherington Stanhope Road, South Shields SFA 1
Lilley Herrington 1
Longstaff Stockton 1
Richardson Chopwell, Derwent Valley SFA 1
Ruddick Tanfield Higher Elementary, Stanley SFA 1
Scott Fulwell, Sunderland SFA 2
Stephenson Ryhope, Sunderland SFA 1
Thirkell Stanhope Road, South Shields SFA 1
Watson Chester Road, Sunderland SFA 2
Williamson Stanhope Road, South Shields SFA 2

Season 1914-1915 ^TOP
Durham 0 - 2 Northumberland

Under 15 County Player School / Association Apps
Brabban Marley Hill Colliery 1
Carruthers Perkinsville, Chester-le-Street SFA 1
Charlton WT Colliery, Sunderland SFA 1
Douglas Stanhope Road, South Shields SFA 1
Gibson Murton, East Durham SFA 1
Richard Hughes Colliery, Sunderland SFA 1
Hughes Jarrow Higher Grade 1
Oxberry Castletown, Sunderland SFA 1
Pinkney Waterhouses, Deerness Valley SFA 1
Reed Benfieldside, Derwent Valley SFA 1
Young Simpson Street, Sunderland SFA 1

Season 1915-1916
Durham 0 - 2 Northumberland Match abandoned

The Durham Chronicle of Friday 17 March 1916 reported "The inter-county schoolboy match between Durham and Northumberland, which was played at Hendon on Saturday, had to be abandoned 10 minutes after the resumption owing to a heavy snowstorm. There had been no score in the first half but before the game was abandoned Arkle and Armitage had each scored for Northumberland but Durham had not found the net."

Northumberland 3 - 3 Durham

The Durham Chronicle of Friday 28 April 1916 reported "Four internationals took part in the County schoolboys' fixture at Partland Park, Ashington on Saturday. Hughes and Glidden, the Sunderland Players, appearing for Durham whilst Cowell (Newburn) and Wardhaugh (Hartey) appeared on the Northumberland side. Half a dozen goals equally divided between the teams was a result in the game which the fortunes of war varied considerably but which in the end gave the impression Durham were slightly the better team and deserved to claim a win."

Under 15 County Player School / Association Apps
Batey Stanhope Road, South Shields SFA 2
Bellas New Brancepeth, Deerness Valley SFA 1
Colman Castletown, Sunderland SFA 1
Cutting Ryhope, Sunderland SFA 1
Fell Hamsteels, Deerness Valley SFA 1
Foster Colliery, Sunderland SFA 2
Gibbon Ford, Sunderland SFA 1
Glidden T Castletown, Sunderland SFA 2
Gowland Washington 1
Richard Hughes Colliery, Sunderland SFA 2
Jopling Colliery, Sunderland SFA 1
Lorraine Ryhope, Sunderland SFA 2
Oswald Washington Upper Standard 1
Smart Easington Colliery, East Durham SFA 1
Smith Washington Upper Standard 2
Sparnon Washington Upper Standard 1

Season 1916-1917 ^TOP
It was considered "inadvisable to play County matches during this season".

Season 1917-1918
No matches played

Season 1918-1919
No matches played

Season 1919-1920
Durham 0 - 0 Northumberland
Northumberland 1 - 2 Durham

Under 15 County Player Association Apps
Bell G Sunderland SFA 2
Blenkinsop Deerness Valley SFA 2
Brown West Stanley SFA 2
Cogdon Sunderland SFA 1
Eltringham W Sunderland SFA 1
Escott Lambton & Hetton SFA 2
Kirby Washington SFA 1
Makepeace East Durham SFA 1
McKenna Kelloe SFA 2
Parish Deerness Valley SFA 2
Parish West Stanley SFA 1
Prince South Shields SFA 1
Spence South Shields SFA 2
Tymon East Durham SFA 1
Wilson West Stanley SFA 1