Year 7 5-a-side
Under 13 County Cup Under 14 County Cup Under 16 County Cup
U13 Inter-Association Cup U15 Inter-Association Cup

Guidance for playing Girls' Cup Competitions

  1. Contact should be made by schools as soon as possible to arrange dates. Please do this as soon as you have
    (a) fixtures for Round 1
    (b) completed the previous round and know your opponents for the next round.
    Opponents can be obtained from
    (a) the Cup Secretary
    (b) by phoning one of the teams you know you are due to play.
  2. All results should be emailed, telephoned or faxed to the Cup Secretary immediately after your game has been played. The secretary will inform you of your next opponents as soon as possible.
  3. Should you have
    (a) any difficulty arranging a game
    (b) your game is not decided by the date set,
    the secretary should be informed as to the reason why. A decision will then be made as to the outcome.