The following played for DCSFA and represented ESFA at Under 18 Level

In the appended list the countries against these players appeared are indicated by the following letters:-

Au Australia NI Northern Ireland
A Austria NZ New Zealand
B Belgium P Poland
RI Republic of Ireland S Scotland
F France Sl Slovakia
H Hungary Sw Switzerland
N Netherlands W Wales
+ Captain; * Substitute; (1) Goals scored

Player Association Year Opposition
K Stephenson Sunderland 1965 W S
Neil Armstrong Chester-le-Street 1967 S W
N Mathams Sunderland 1967 W S
Keith Dyson Seaham 1968 W S
Peter Candler Sunderland 1972 S W
Trevor Henderson Sunderland 1974 S W
Anthony Smith Sunderland 1975 W+ S+
Derek Miller Durham 1980 S S*
Wesley Saunders Boldon 1981 S W S
ian Dawes Washington 1983 W* S W
Anthony Philliskirk Sunderland 1983 S W
Darren Melville South Shields 1984 S Sw W+
William Ferry Sunderland 1985 S S W
Ian Chandler Sunderland 1986 S Sw Sw
Andrew Johnson Bishop Auckland 1986 S S Sw Sw
Mark Shearer Hebburn 1986 S Sw
Gary Megennis Hebburn 1987 W Sw S
Adrian Ibbetson Darlington 1988 N+ W+ Sw+ Sw+
Marc Hopkinson Sunderland 1990 H Sw
David Wales Gateshead 1990 N W Sw Sw
Simon Bates Durham 1992 N RI Sw Sw
Andrew Duncan Gateshead 1994 F W A Sl N
Mark Scott Darlington 1994 F W Sw A SL N
Gary Innes Derwentside 1996 B N Sw W
Daniel O'Brien Durham 1998 A W
Steven Foster Durham 1999 RI+ NI+ S+ W+ N+
Gary Burke East Durham 2000 RI NI W H S A
John Barker Bishop Auckland 2007 B S RI NI W
Jack Burridge South Tyneside 2007 B S RI NI W
James Ellis Durham 2009 S* RI F*
Andrew Kelly Darlington 2010 NI W NZ+ S RI
Jonathan Evans Gateshead 2011 NI* W S* RI
Michael Sweet Gateshead 2012 Au W P* NI(2)
Dean Briggs Gateshead 2014 Au(2) NI S
Adam Curry South Tyneside 2014 Au+ W+ RI+ NI+ S+
Andrew White Darlington 2014 Au W RI(1) NI(2) S(1)
Adam Curry South Tyneside 2015 Au+ W+ NI+ S+ RI+
Jordan Skelton Gateshead 2015 W NI S(1) RI
Fraser Collin Sunderland 2018 RI S* W NI*
Cieran Jackson Bishop Auckland 2018 RI S W NI
Joe Lockey Sunderland 2020
Ben Reay Darlington 2020
Taylor Richardson Sunderland 2020
Matthew Wade Sunderland 2020
Sam Johnson Chester-le-Street 2022 RI*, W