Every school/association is responsible to the Council for the action of its players, officials and spectators. School/associations are further required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators threatening or assaulting officials and players during or at the conclusion of matches.

(b) FA RULE C: Relating to Players
4. Age Ranges and Provisions Relating to Players Under 16 Years of Age
(a) Children Not Registered in the Programme of Excellence
(i) Priority must at all times be given to school or school organisation's activities in accordance with the recommendations of the "Memorandum: Children of School Age and School Games" whilst a pupil is receiving full time education.
(ii) All clubs and competitions, excluding those that play their matches on Sundays, shall include in their rules a provision to the effect that availability of a pupil must be consented to by the Head Teacher.

2. All players must be correctly dressed before entering the field of play; i.e. shirt tucked inside of shorts, shin pads worn and covered by football socks and clean boots. No jewellery to be worn, no boxer shorts hanging down below shorts.

3. All players should learn and observe the Laws of the Game.

4. Players should beat opponents by skill and not by unfair means.

5. Players must retire quickly to 10 yards when a free kick is given.

6. Players must not appeal for throw-ins, offside, free kicks etc.

7. Players should give the ball promptly to opponents for throw-ins, free kicks etc.

8. Players must never argue with referees and assistant referees. They should keep their self-control at all times and never retaliate.

9. Accept victory modestly and defeat graciously. Players should not overact when they score a goal.

10. Players should always thank their opponents at the end of the game by shaking hands or offering three cheers.

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