1. The competitions will be open to all affiliated schools/associations at a fee of £5 per school/association per competition.
  2. All entries accompanied by fees to reach the County Cups' Secretary by May 31st prior to the commencement of the season.
  3. All rounds will be "open". The competitions will be administered by the Cup Secretaries who shall report to Council.
  4. Each team shall consist of players drawn from one school, who are bona fide scholars of that school. No player shall play for more than one team in the competition except on a bona fide change of school and any such change must be notified to, and sanctioned by the Cup Secretary.
  5. The laws of the game shall be those under the Football Association rules with the following exceptions:
    1. The ground shall have a minimum length of 80 yards and a minimum width of 50 yards.
    2. Height of crossbar not less than 7 feet and not more than 8 feet, only one crossbar to be used.
    3. In all matches five substitutes, drawn from five named players, may be used at any time. Up to and including the Under 18 age-group repeated substitutions are allowed. Substitutions will only be made during a break in play. Players that have been substituted can return to the field of play.
    4. In the event of a tie ending in a draw, extra time of 10 minutes each way (7 minutes at Under 12 and Under 13) will be played. If the game is still a draw  the result will be decided by penalties (taken in accordance with the recommendations of FIFA and published in the Laws of the Game.
    5. Matches may be played on 3G artificial surfaces if both teams are in agreement (before the away team travels). DCSFA can insist on matches being played on a 3G surface in matters of urgency.
  6. Unless, otherwise, mutually agreed, the team drawn first in each tie will have choice of ground.
  7. In all ties BOTH teams share the responsibility of arranging the game at least 7 days before the due date. Matches will normally be played on Saturdays but a match may be played mid week where schools/associations are mutually agreed. In the event of colours being the same the visitors must change. The team shall appoint linesmen and mutually agree upon a referee, except the semi-finals and finals, when the Cup Secretary will appoint referees, but schools/associations will appoint linesmen. When any dispute arises regarding the foregoing the same to be decided by the Cup Secretary.
  8. The representative of each team must report the result of each tie to the Cup Secretary by Tuesday after the date for the round. Any results not received by the Tuesday will lead to the elimination of the team or teams concerned. In the case of a match not being arranged to be played by the due date, an extension must have been requested, IN WRITING, at least 7 days before the date of the round, giving reasons for non-arrangement. Failure to do so will lead to elimination from the competition.
  9. The dates fixed for the playing of the rounds must be strictly adhered to. Defaulting teams will be disqualified.
  10. Protests to be lodged within 7 days (including Sunday) of the game being played, accompanied by a hearing fee of £5, which will be forfeited if the protest is considered frivolous. Any protest relating to the ground, goal posts, cross bars or any other appurtenances of the game must be lodged with the referee, in writing, before the commencement of the game.
  11. Any team breaking rules 4 and/or 5 will be disqualified.
  12. Grounds for semi-finals and finals should be enclosed and a charge must be made for admission, the responsibility of which will be that of the staging schools/association.
  13. In all ties prior to the semi-final and finals the home team will retain all profits. No travelling expenses will be charged at any stage of the competitions. In the semi-finals and finals expenses will be deducted as follows: (a) referee and linesmen (b) ground.
  14. Cup Secretaries will deal with the semi-final and final with regard to dates, venues and referee.
  15. All the working expenses of the competitions will be provided for out of the season's income. The whole of the proceeds of the semi-finals and finals will he retained by the Association.
  16. The winners of the finals shall be the holders of the cups and, in addition, both teams in each final will be awarded suitable mementoes of equal value. The set in each case to consist of 16.
  17. The winners of each trophy shall make good any damage incurred, and shall, at their own expense return the trophy cleaned, polished and suitably engraved to the Cup secretary by 21st February in the ensuing season. Failure to do this may lead to non-acceptance of entries for the following season.
  18. Council shall decide all questions not provided for in these rules.