Competition Secretary County Cup Rules Roll of Honour

The Cup that is presented, was used for South Tyneside SFA Centenary celebrations in 2009, marking 100 years since South Shields SFA (now South Tyneside) played Tynemouth SFA (now North Tyneside). A game between the two associations was played. It was sponsored by South Tyneside Hospital. It was only played for once. South Tyneside presented the trophy to DCSFA in 2013 to be used for this competition.

Special Rules

  1. Players shall not have completed their 14th year on or before the 1st September that season.
  2. All games shall be of two periods, each of 35 minutes duration. If required, extra time (7 minutes each way) and penalties to be played to decide win.
  3. A size 4 ball to be used.

PLEASE NOTE - Only pupils in Year 8 and Year 9 are allowed to play in this competition

Could the winning team please inform the Competition Secretary, with the result of the match, as soon as possible after the completion of the game.

FIRST ROUND by Saturday 26 October 2019
1 Hartlepool 0-9 South Tyneside
2 Darlington 0-9 Stockton
3 East Northumberland v South Northumberland
4 Newcastle 5-2 Redcar & Cleveland
5 Bishop Auckland


CWD won on pens

Ch-le-St, Wash & Derw
6 Gateshead 0-1 East Durham
QUARTER FINAL by Saturday 21 December 2019
Q1 South Tyneside v Stockton
Q2 3 v Sunderland
Q3 Newcastle v Ch, Wash & Derw
Q4 East Durham v Middlesbrough
SEMI-FINAL by Saturday 29 February 2020
SA Q1 v Q2
SB Q3 v Q4
FINAL to be arranged

Competition Secretary: G Burn


Roll of Honour

Season Winners Runners-up
2009-10 Bishop Auckland SFA Hartlepool SFA
2010-11 Bishop Auckland SFA Gateshead SFA
2011-12 Middlesbrough SFA Sunderland SFA
2012-13 Gateshead SFA South Northumberland SFA
2013-14 Sunderland SFA Gateshead SFA
2014-15 Ch-le-St, Washington & Derwentside SFA Darlington SFA
2015-16 Middlesbrough SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2016-17 Newcastle SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2017-18 Sunderland SFA Newcastle SFA
2018-19 East Northumberland SFA Bishop Auckland SFA