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U13 AF Hardy Trophy

Competition Secretary County Cup Rules Roll of Honour

This competition, which began in 1986, is for U13 Inter-association teams and is organised by Sunderland SFA.

Special Rules

  1. Players shall not have completed their 13th year on or before 1st Sept that season.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed games shall be two periods, each of 30 minutes duration.
  3. A size 4 ball to be used.
  4. Any number of substitutes shall be allowed at all times and in any position. A substituted player may return to the game.

PLEASE NOTE - Only pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 are allowed to play in this competition

Could the winning team please inform the Competition Secretary with the result within 48 hours of the game ending.

FIRST ROUND by Sat 25 Nov 2023
1 Darlington v Bye
2 Middlesbrough 1-5 Newcastle
3 East Durham v Gateshead
4 South Northumberland v Sunderland
5 Hartlepool v Bye
6 Stockton 4-4 EN 5-4 pens East Northumberland
7 Redcar & Cleveland v Bye
8 Bishop Auckland 2-4 Chester-le-St, Washington & Derwentside
QUARTER FINAL by Sat 20 Jan 2024
Q1 Darlington v Newcastle
Q2 3 v 4
Q3 Hartlepool v East Northumberland
Q4 Redcar & Cleveland v Chester-le-St, Washington & Derwentside
SEMI FINAL by Sat 3 Mar 2024
SA Q1 v Q2
SB Q3 v Q4
FINAL to be arranged

Competition Secretary: R Atherton


Roll of Honour

Season Winners Runners-up
1986-87 Hartlepool SFA Durham SFA
1987-88 Sunderland SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
1988-89 Shared: Newcastle SFA and Sunderland SFA
1989-90 Shared: Sunderland SFA and Langbaurgh SFA
1990-91 Langbaurgh SFA Gateshead SFA
1991-92 Chester-le-Street SFA Sunderland SFA
1992-93 Sunderland SFA Hartlepool SFA
1993-94 Sunderland SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1994-95 Langbaurgh SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1995-96 Langbaurgh SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1996-97 Redcar & Cleveland SFA Darlington SFA
1997-98 Chester-le-Street SFA Newcastle SFA
1998-99 Sunderland SFA Redcar & Cleveland SFA
1999-00 Sunderland SFA East Durham SFA
2000-01 Shared: Stockton SFA and Chester-le-Street & Washington SFA
2001-02 Bishop Auckland SFA Sunderland SFA
2002-03 Newcastle SFA North Tyneside SFA
2003-04 Bishop Auckland SFA Sunderland SFA
2004-05 North Tyneside SFA South Tyneside SFA
2005-06 Chester-le-Street & Washington SFA Gateshead SFA
2006-07 Shared: Bishop Auckland SFA and Newcastle SFA
2007-08 Shared: Chester-le-Street SFA and Newcastle SFA
2008-09 Gateshead SFA Newcastle SFA
2009-10 Gateshead SFA Hartlepool SFA
2010-11 Newcastle SFA Darlington SFA
2011-12 Chester-le-Street & Washington SFA South Tyneside SFA
2012-13 Bishop Auckland SFA Sunderland SFA
2013-14 Sunderland SFA Ch-le-Street, Washington & Derwentside SFA
2014-15 Sunderland SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2015-16 Sunderland SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2016-17 Bishop Auckland SFA Newcastle SFA
2017-18 East Northumberland SFA Middlesbrough SFA
2018-19 Ch-le-Street, Washington & Derwentside SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2019-20 Competition not completed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
2020-21 No competition due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
2021-22 East Durham SFA Ch-le-Street, Washington & Derwentside SFA
2022-23 East Durham SFA Stockton SFA