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  1. That the Association be called the "DURHAM COUNTY SCHOOLS' FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION."
    1. The Objects of the Association shall be the mental, moral and physical development and improvement of schoolchildren through medium of association football and to help such charities as the Council of the DCSFA may from time to time determine.
    2. DCSFA may sanction the participation of schoolchildren of both sexes in matches under its control. Children from both sexes may only participate in the same teams where the match restricts players to those in or below the Under 14 age group.
    3. This Association shall be affiliated to the English Schools' Football Association and shall be properly constituted in accordance with the rules laid down for a "properly constituted' association in the general rules of the ESFA.
    4. The Council of DCSFA shall control the finances, which shall be used solely for the furtherance of the objects stated above.
    5. In the event of the DCSFA being dissolved the Council of the DCSFA shall realise the property and assets and call in all monies due to the DCSFA and, after discharge of their liabilities, hand the surplus to such charitable institutions or charities as shall be determined by the AGM or a General Meeting called for that purpose
  2. That it be open to all school teams within the 1972 geographical boundaries of County Durham which, in normal circumstances, are under the sole control of teachers, but failing that, in cases of extreme difficulty, are controlled by a teacher/non teacher combination, authorised by the head teacher of the schools concerned. It is imperative that a teacher is present at all matches. Details of such special cases must be submitted to Council for approval and the appropriate Education Authority informed.
    1. Every child/young person who plays or participates in football should be able to take part in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from abuse. This is the responsibility of every adult involved in football.
    2. The Durham County SFA recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bullying. It is determined to meet its obligations to ensure that the Durham County SFA, affiliated Associations and schools providing football opportunities for children and young people do so, to the highest possible standard of care.
  3. All matters regarding fees to be decided at the AGM. Affiliation fees should be commensurate to the size of the association, and this will be assessed annually at a fixed rate for each association and each member school. No school or association will be regarded as affiliated for the current season unless the fee is paid, NOT LATER THAN 30th JUNE prior to that season. Each school must be affiliated through an association.
    1. The Association shall be governed by a Council consisting of the Chief Officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary), Minute Secretary, Disciplinary Secretary, ESFA Representative, Ex-Chairman, the Competition Secretaries, a named representative from each affiliated association, Primary Officials, Team Managers and Assistant Team Managers, Life Members and one representative of the Durham County FA nominated by that body. Council shall, from its first meeting have powers to co-opt a maximum of a further three members. The Vice-Chairman shall, at the end of the season, succeed to the office of Chairman. The Chief Officers may act in an emergency.
    2. A Primary Schools Committee of representatives of all associations catering for primary football shall be responsible for the conduct and administration of primary football within the County and shall report to the Council of the DCSFA through its elected representatives.
    3. A Girls' Football Committee of representatives of all associations catering for girls' football shall be responsible for the conduct and administration of girls' football within the County and shall report to the Council of the DCSFA through its elected representatives.
    1. Each affiliated association and competition may nominate one candidate for each of the offices of Vice-chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Competition Secretaries. Such nominations to reach the Secretary on or before May 7th, in writing.
    2. The Secretary shall, if necessary, prepare a voting paper containing a list of candidates, with instructions for voting, and shall issue the same by 14th May to all association secretaries and to all competition secretaries. Each affiliated school and competition is entitled to one vote.
    3. All voting papers must be in the hands of the Secretary, at least seven days before the AGM, and shall be in a sealed envelope marked "Voting Papers Only". The votes shall be counted by two scrutineers appointed by the Council at their last meeting previous to the AGM, and the result of the voting shall be declared at the AGM.
    1. The financial year shall end on the 31st May of the current year. The AGM shall be held at the end of the season, on a date fixed by the Committee. The Secretary shall give 14 days notice of such meeting to all association secretaries and competition secretaries. A statement of accounts, duly audited by two auditors at the previous AGM, will be presented to the meeting. At the meeting voting shall be restricted to the officers of the Association (one vote), one representative from each affiliated school or competition (one vote), one representative from each affiliated association (one vote) and Life Members (one vote).
    2. With the exception of rule 8(c) and 8(d) no alteration of these rules shall be made except at the AGM, notice of which must have been sent to the Secretary, in writing, before 7th May.
    3. Alteration of rules concerning the conduct and administration of primary football shall be made at the AGM of the Primary Committee and shall not be subject to the approval of the AGM of the DCSFA.
    4. Alteration of rules concerning the conduct and administration of girls' football shall be made at the AGM of the Girls' Football Committee and shall not be subject to the approval of the AGM of the DCSFA.
  4. The Secretary shall convene a special meeting, at any time, on receiving a requisition stating the objects of the meeting, and signed by the representative of not less than 40 affiliated schools. An agenda of the business to be transacted at any such Special General Meeting shall accompany the notice convening the meeting.
  5. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary for the time being of this Association shall be, for all intents and purposes, the legal owners of cups, moneys and property of this Association, and shall deal with the same according to the directions of the Council.
  6. In all cases of appeal by schools and associations; the sum of £5 shall be deposited, which shall be forfeited to the funds of the DCSFA in the event of a protest being considered frivolous. In such cases, if the Council deem fit, they may also order the protesting school to pay such sum, as they may consider necessary towards defraying the expenses of the school/association protested against. Such appeals must be made within seven days of the date upon which the decision arrived at was made. No appeals will be heard unless the school is affiliated to this Association. Representatives of schools and/or Associations involved shall be given the opportunity to be present for a personal hearing when the matter is on the agenda for discussion by the Council.
  7. In the season following his 14th birthday a schoolboy may be registered to play in U18 Youth Football organised by the Durham Football Association. He may play for his Youth Team when not required by his school and when given permission by his Head teacher. Permission to register players who are receiving full time education must be obtained, each season, from Head teachers.
  8. All schools affiliated to this Association are forbidden to enter competitions run for private gain. Inter school or inter town games shall, for the purpose of this Rule, be regarded as competitions.
  9. No school may leave one association or league for another without the consent of the County Association.
  10. The decision of Council shall be binding on all schools and associations, with right to appeal, if desired, at the following AGM, conditions as per Rule 9 excepted.
  11. Every school/association is responsible to the Council for the action of its players, officials and spectators. Schools/associations are further required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators threatening or assaulting officials and players during or at the conclusion of matches.
    1. This Association shall have the power to deal with violations of the laws of the game, the rules of this Association, or misconduct by any of their schools/association players, officials or members.
    2. A Disciplinary Committee, consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer together with the County and Senior Cup Secretaries, with power to co-opt as and when necessary, will be responsible for all disciplinary action in cases arising from matches played under the jurisdiction of the Association. This Committee is empowered to impose penalties in all cases of violation of the laws of the game or misconduct of players, officials or members.
    1. All County Teams shall be selected by the Team Manager and Assistant Team Manager, who may co-opt two other selectors.
    2. In all representative games the party accompanying the County Team may include the Chief Officers, the Cup Secretaries, the Selection Committee and one delegate from each association having a player or players selected and not represented by any member of the Selection Committee. Reasonable expenses will be allowed.
    1. Any player selected to play in a County Representative Game arranged by this Association shall not play in any other game within THREE days of the County game.
    2. Any player selected to play in any match arranged by this Association and (without good and sufficient cause) refusing to comply with the arrangements of Council for playing the match, or failing to play in such a match, may he adjudged by the Council to have been guilty of misconduct, and any school/association who may be deemed to have encouraged to instigated such a player to commit a breach of instruction or rule, shall be deemed guilty of a similar offence.
  12. Any complaint or claim made by a school/association shall be in writing, and duplicate copies shall be sent to the Secretary, accompanied by a deposit of £5 which may be forfeited if the complaint be not entertained. In the event of a frivolous or vexatious complaint being made, the Council shall have power to compel the complaining school/association or player to pay such expenses of the school/association or player complained of as may be deemed fit. All complaints or claims must be made within TWENTY EIGHT days from the date upon which the offence was committed.
  13. The Council shall have the power to deal with any matters not mentioned in these rules.
  14. No new County Competition will be allowed to run unless it has received the sanction of the DCSFA and all applications for same must be made (before June 1st) to the Secretary, who will lay them before the Council Meeting for consideration. All County Competitions must be under the sole control of teacher.
  15. All school competitions sanctioned by this Association shall be completed by 31st May.
  16. Nominations for Life Membership of the County Schools' FA to be submitted to the Secretary and to be examined by the Chief Officers. Such nominations to be for people who have given considerable service to Schools' Football in Durham County.

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