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Crompton & Harrison Tropny

This is a 9v9 competition

First Round Second Round Third Round
Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Competition Secretary County Cup Rules Roll of Honour

A meeting in January 1975 mentioned that "DCSFA provided competitive football at Primary, U13, U14, U15 and U16 but U12 football was badly catered for". By March 1975 "there was a distinct possibility that a trophy would be donated" for an U12 competition.

In April 1975 in was decided to commence the U12 competition in season 1975-76 and be named the "Crompton & Harrison Trophy" after the donors.

Special Rules

  1. The competition will be played according to the FA Laws for 9v9 Football.
  2. Players shall not have completed their 12th year on or before the 1st September that season.
  3. All games shall be of two periods, each of 30 minutes duration.
  4. A size 4 ball to be used.
  5. Each school will select a squad of 14 players, 9 of whom will form the team, the other 5 being substitutes.

Could the winning team please inform the Competition Secretary, with the result of the match, as soon as possible after the completion of the game.

FIRST ROUND by  Saturday 17 September 2016 ^TOP
1 St Aidan's Catholic Academy 0 - 3 High Tunstall
2 St Thomas More RC 6 - 1 North Durham Academy
SECOND ROUND by Saturday 1 October 2016
a High Tunstall 4 - 0 Durham Johnston
b St Thomas More RC (won 4-2 on pens) 3 - 3 Easington Academy
c Heworth Grange 0 - 7 Park View
d Biddick Academy 9 - 1 Farringdon Community Academy
e Hummersknott Academy 6 - 0 Manor Community Academy
f Kepier 5 - 7 Hurworth
g Cardinal Hume RC 4 - 3 St John's RC
h Academy at Shotton Hall 0 - 5 English Martyrs RC
i The Hermitage Academy 2 - 5 St Joseph's Catholic Academy
j Monkwearmouth Academy 2 - 6 Longfield Academy of Sport
k St Wilfrid's RC College 1 v 0 St Hild's CE
l Framwellgate 4 - 2 Carmel Collage
m Harton Technology Colege 0 v 1 Whitburn CE Academy
n Whickham 4 - 3 St Robert of Newminster RC
o Dyke House 6 - 1 St Bede's RC, Peterlee
p St Bede's RC, Lancester (won 5-4 on pens) 1 - 1 St Leonard's RC
THIRD ROUND by Saturday 22 October 2016 ^TOP
I High Tunstall 0 - 0 St Thomas More RC (won 3-2 on pens)
II Park View 0 - 9 Biddick Academy
III Hummersknott Academy
2 - 4 Hurworth
IV Cardinal Hume RC 7 - 3 English Martyrs RC
V St Joseph's Catholic Academy
3 - 1 Longfield Academy of Sport
VI St Wilfrid's RC College 5 - 4 Framwellgate
VII Whitburn CE Academy 1 - 2 Whickham
VIII Dyke House 2 - 1 St Bede's RC, Lancester
QUARTER FINAL by Saturday 3 December 2016
Q1 St Thomas More RC (won 7-6 on pens) 4 - 4 Biddick
Q2 Hurworth 0 - 5 Cardinal Hume RC
Q3 St Joseph's Catholic Academy
4 - 1 St Wilfrid's RC College
Q4 Whickham 5 - 5 Dyke House (won 5-4 on pens)
SEMI-FINAL by Saturday 18 February 2017
SA St Thomas More RC (won 3-2 on pens) 1 - 1 Cardinal Hume RC
SB St Joseph's Catholic Academy 2 - 0 Dyke House
FINAL on Monday 3 April at Eastbourne School Complex, Darlington
St Joseph's Catholic Academy 0 - 2 St Thomas More RC

Competition Secretary:


Roll of Honour

Season Winners Runners-up
1975-76 Whickham Ferryhill
1976-77 St Aidan's RC, Sunderland Tanfield
1977-78 Monkwearmouth Spennymoor
1978-79 Dyke House, Hartlepool
1979-80 Hylton Red House St Robert of Newminster RC, Washington
1980-81 Whickham St Aidan's RC, Sunderland
1981-82 Highfield, Gateshead Pelton Roseberry
1982-83 Castle View, Sunderland Hill Head, Gateshead
1983-84 St Aidan's RC, Sunderland Hummersknott, Darlington
1984-85 St Aidan's RC, Sunderland Usworth
1985-86 St Aidan's RC, Sunderland English Martyrs RC, Hartlepool
1986-87 Hermitage, Chester-le-Street Easington
1987-88 Easington St Aidan's RC, Sunderland
1988-89 Framwellgate Moor St Thomas More RC, Blaydon
1989-90 St Joseph's RC, Hebburn St Aidan's RC, Sunderland
1990-91 St Aidan's RC, Sunderland Easington
1991-92 St Wilfrid's RC, South Shields Boldon
1992-93 Shared: Tanfield / Farringdon
1993-94 St Aidan's RC, Sunderland Easington
1994-95 Monkwearmouth St Bede's RC, Lanchester
1995-96 Heworth Grange Park View, Chester-le-Street
1996-97 Hebburn St Joseph's RC, Hebburn
1997-98 St Wilfrid's RC, South Shields Heworth Grange
1998-99 Hummersknott, Darlington Springfield, South Tyneside
1999-00 Heworth Grange Pelton Roseberry
2000-01 Joseph Swan, Gateshead Woodham, Newton Aycliffe
2001-02 Houghton Kepier St Bede's RC, Lanchester
2002-03 Shared: Whitburn CE / St Wilfrid's RC, South Shields
2003-04 Monkwearmouth Boldon
2004-05 Shotton Hall, Peterlee Heworth Grange
2005-06 Park View, Chester-le-Street Monkwearmouth
2006-07 Park View, Chester-le-Street St John's RC, Bishop Auckland
2007-08 Park View, Chester-le-Street Ryton
2008-09 High Tunstall, Hartlepool Biddick School Sports College, Washington
2009-10 St Aidan's RC, Sunderland Biddick School Sports College, Washington
2010-11 St Thomas More RC, Blaydon Lord Lawson of Beamish, Birtley
2011-12 St Joseph's RC, Hebburn Easington
2012-13 Longfield Academy of Sport, Darlington St Joseph's RC, Hebburn
2013-14 St Leonard's RC, Durham Academy at Shotton Hall, Peterlee
2014-15 Carmel College, Darlington St Joseph's Catholic Academy, Hebburn
2015-16 Durham Johnston School Hermitage Academy, Chester-le-Street
2016-17 St Thomas More RC, Blaydon St Joseph's Catholic Academy, Hebburn