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Derwent and Medomsley Cup

Competition Secretary Roll of Honour

This competition was originally introduced for association teams eliminated from the Harrison Cup. From 1992-93 it became a knockout competition for any association that wished to enter.

Special Rules

  1. The competition will be played according to the FA Laws for 9 v 9 Football.
  2. Open to any association wishing to take part and be a knock out competition.
  3. In all rounds if the match ends in a draw there will be no extra time. The tie must be decided by penalties taken in accordance with the regulation of FIFA, as published in the laws of the game.

Competition Secretary: T Baker MBE


Roll of Honour

Season Winners Runners-up
1982-83 Blaydon PSFA Peterlee PSFA
1983-84 Hartlepool PSFA Blaydon PSFA
1984-85 Not played for because of sanctions
1985-86 Peterlee PSFA Washington PSFA
1986-87 Lambton & Hetton PSFA
1987-88 Bishop Auckland PSFA
1988-89 Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA Washington PSFA
1989-90 South Shields PSFA Kelloe PSFA
1990-91 Felling PSFA Durham PSFA
1991-92 Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA Peterlee PSFA
1992-93 Sunderland PSFA Hartlepool PSFA
1993-94 Stockton PSFA Consett PSFA
1994-95 Sunderland PSFA Kelloe PSFA
1995-96 Bishop Auckland PSFA Peterlee PSFA
1996-97 Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA South Shields PSFA
1997-98 Sunderland PSFA Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA
1998-99 Chester-le-Street PSFA Peterlee PSFA
1999-00 Chester-le-Street PSFA
2000-01 Derwentside PSFA
2001-02 South Tyneside PSFA
2002-03 Darlington PSFA
2003-04 South Tyneside PSFA
2004-05 Derwentside PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
2005-06 Chester-le-Street PSFA
2006-07 Sunderland PSFA Derwentside PSFA
2007-08 Sunderland PSFA South Tyneside PSFA
2008-09 Sunderland PSFA Bishop Auckland PSFA
2009-10 Felling PSFA Sunderland PSFA
2010-11 Sunderland PSFA Redcar & Cleveland PSFA
2011-12 Sunderland PSFA Darlington PSFA
2012-13 Sunderland PSFA Darlington PSFA
2013-14 Sunderland PSFA Redcar & Cleveland PSFA
2014-15 East Northumberland PSFA Sunderland PSFA
2015-16 Darlington PSFA East Northumberland PSFA
2016-17 Darlington PSFA Redcar & Cleveland PSFA
2017-18 Darlington PSFA Newcastle PSFA
2018-19 Shared: Redcar & Cleveland PSFA and Chester-le-Street PSFA
2019-20 Competition not completed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
2020-21 No competition due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
2021-22 Final not played
2022-23 Sunderland PSFA East Northumberland PSFA

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