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Derwent and Medomsley Cup

Competition Secretary Roll of Honour

This competition was originally introduced for association teams eliminated from the Harrison Cup. From 1992-93 it became a knockout competition for any association that wished to enter.

Special Rules

  1. The competition will be played according to the FA Laws for 9 v 9 Football.
  2. Open to any association wishing to take part and be a knock out competition.
First Round on Saturday 26 November 2016
A Darlington v Newcastle
B North Tyneside v Stockton
C Sunderland v South Northumberland
D Wallsend v Chester-le-Street
Quarter-finals on Saturday 11 February 2017
1 Redcar & Cleveland v Durham City
2 Wallsend v North Tyneside
3 Sunderland v Middlesbrough
4 East Northumberland v Darlington
Semi-finals by Saturday 6 May 2017
SA Redcar & Cleveland v North Tyneside
SB Darlington v Middlesbrough
Final by Saturday 20 May 2017
Darlington v Redcar & Cleveland

Competition Secretary

  • T Baker MBE, 4 Caragh Road, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, DH2 3EA
  • Tel: 0191 389 0322 (home)
  • Email:


Roll of Honour

Season Winners Runners-up
1982-83 Blaydon PSFA Peterlee PSFA
1983-84 Hartlepool PSFA Blaydon PSFA
1984-85 Not played for because of sanctions
1985-86 Peterlee PSFA Washington PSFA
1986-87 Lambton & Hetton PSFA
1987-88 Bishop Auckland PSFA
1988-89 Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA Washington PSFA
1989-90 South Shields PSFA Kelloe PSFA
1990-91 Felling PSFA Durham PSFA
1991-92 Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA Peterlee PSFA
1992-93 Sunderland PSFA Hartlepool PSFA
1993-94 Stockton PSFA Consett PSFA
1994-95 Sunderland PSFA Kelloe PSFA
1995-96 Bishop Auckland PSFA Peterlee PSFA
1996-97 Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA South Shields PSFA
1997-98 Sunderland PSFA Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA
1998-99 Chester-le-Street PSFA Peterlee PSFA
1999-00 Chester-le-Street PSFA
2000-01 Derwentside PSFA
2001-02 South Tyneside PSFA
2002-03 Darlington PSFA
2003-04 South Tyneside PSFA
2004-05 Derwentside PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
2005-06 Chester-le-Street PSFA
2006-07 Sunderland PSFA Derwentside PSFA
2007-08 Sunderland PSFA South Tyneside PSFA
2008-09 Sunderland PSFA Bishop Auckland PSFA
2009-10 Felling PSFA Sunderland PSFA
2010-11 Sunderland PSFA Redcar & Cleveland PSFA
2011-12 Sunderland PSFA Darlington PSFA
2012-13 Sunderland PSFA Darlington PSFA
2013-14 Sunderland PSFA Redcar & Cleveland PSFA
2014-15 East Northumberland PSFA Sunderland PSFA
2015-16 Darlington PSFA East Northumberland PSFA
2016-17 Darlington PSFA Redcar & Cleveland PSFA

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