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Fred Fullerton U15 Inter-Association Cup

Wednesday 3 May at Biddick Academy, Washington

Special Rules

  1. Girls shall have completed their 14th year but not their 15th year on or before 1st September that season (i.e. girls from Years 9 and 10).
  2. Team will be divided into two groups
  3. The duration of each match shall be 15 minutes straight through
  4. A size 4 ball to be used.


Group 1 Group 2
Sunderland SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
North Tyneside SFA South Northumberland SFA
Chester-le-Street, Washington & Derwentside SFA Newcastle SFA
East Northumberland SFA


Kick off Pitch 1 Pitch 2
4.15pm Sunderland v North Tyneside CWD v East Northumberland
4.35pm Sunderland v CWD South Northumberland v Newcastle
4.55pm East Northumberland v North Tyneside Bishop Auckland v South Northumberland
5.15pm Sunderland v East Nothumberland Bishop Auckland v Newcastle
5.35pm North Tyneside v CWD
5.55pm 3rd in groups play off for 5th/6th place 2nd in groups play off for 3rd/4th place
6.20pm 1st in groups play off for 1st/2nd place

Competition Secretary: S Laverick

Roll of Honour

Season Winners Runners-up
2007-08 Sunderland SFA Darlington SFA
2008-09 Sunderland SFA Derwentside SFA
2009-10 Bishop Auckland SFA Sunderland SFA
2010-11 Darlington SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2011-12 East Durham SFA Darlington SFA
2012-13 Darlington SFA Gateshead SFA
2013-14 Ch-le-St, Washington & Derwentside SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2014-15 Ch-le-St, Washington & Derwentside SFA North Tyneside SFA
2015-16 North Tyneside SFA Darlington SFA
2016-17 Ch-le-St, Washington & Derwentside SFA Newcastle SFA