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Harrison Cup

Competition Secretary Roll of Honour

A meeting, between the Officers of DCSFA and representatives of Primary School FAs, was held on 6th November 1963. It was decided that "An Inter-association competition, drawn in zones, be organised for this and future seasons". A committee consisting of one representative from each Primary Association, the County Cups' Committee and the Officers should meet to devise a Constitution and make the draw for the competition.

As the number of particpating association teams dropped the format, for 1992-93, was changed from 4 groups to 2 groups.

Further decline in numbers resulted in the formation of one league. It has remained this way since 1997-98.

Special Rules

  1. The withdrawal of any team before the completion of their programme will result in their record being deleted.
  2. All players shall be bona fide members of an affiliated school team within the association and have the approval of the school.
  3. An association player, suspended from his school team, shall be suspended from the association team for the duration of the suspension.

The Harrison Cup, Richard Jordan Memorial Trophy and Harry Charlton Memorial Trophy will be played according to the FA Laws for 9 v 9 Football.

  • Upon the completion of the Harrison League fixtures the team finishing in first place will win the Harrison Cup.
  • The teams finishing in the top 4 places will then complete for the Harry Charlton Memorial Trophy. The remaining 4 teams will play for the Richard Jordan Memorial Trophy.

Competition Secretary: T Baker MBE



Roll of Honour

Season Winner Runners-up
1963-64 Seaham PSFA Durham PSFA
1964-65 Chester-le-Street PSFA Lambton & Hetton PSFA
1965-66 Seaham PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
1966-67 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
1967-68 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling PSFA Lambton & Hetton PSFA
1968-69 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling PSFA Sunderland PSFA
1969-70 Stanley PSFA Blaydon PSFA
1970-71 Sunderland PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
1971-72 Sunderland PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
1972-73 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling PSFA South Shields PSFA
1973-74 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling PSFA Blaydon PSFA
1974-75 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling PSFA South Shields PSFA
1975-76 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling PSFA South Shields PSFA
1976-77 Sunderland PSFA Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling PSFA
1977-78 Blaydon PSFA
1978-79 Sunderland PSFA
1979-80 Sunderland PSFA South Shields PSFA
1980-81 Sunderland PSFA Felling PSFA
1981-82 Sunderland PSFA Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA
1982-83 Durham PSFA Sunderland PSFA
1983-84 Chester-le-Street PSFA Stockton PSFA
1984-85 Bishop Auckland PSFA Washington PSFA
1985-86 Shared: Sunderland PSFA / Chester-le-Street PSFA
1986-87 Sunderland PSFA
1987-88 Sunderland PSFA Washington PSFA
1988-89 Chester-le-Street PSFA Bishop Auckland PSFA
1989-90 Peterlee PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
1990-91 Shared: Hartlepool PSFA / Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA
1991-92 Sunderland PSFA South Shields PSFA
1992-93 Bishop Auckland PSFA Stanley PSFA
1993-94 Sunderland PSFA Hartlepool PSFA
1994-95 Shared: Sunderland PSFA / Chester-le-Street PSFA
1995-96 Stockton PSFA Washington PSFA
1996-97 Peterlee PSFA Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA
1997-98 Peterlee PSFA Jarrow & Hebburn PSFA
1998-99 Shared: Sunderland PSFA / South Tyneside PSFA
1999-00 Chester-le-Street PSFA
2000-01 Derwentside PSFA
2001-02 South Tyneside PSFA
2002-03 Chester-le-Street PSFA
2003-04 Felling PSFA
2004-05 North Tyneside PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
2005-06 Shared: Stockton PSFA / North Tyneside PSFA
2006-07 South Tyneside PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
2007-08 Shared: Sunderland PSFA / South Tyneside PSFA
2008-09 Shared: Sunderland PSFA / South Tyneside PSFA
2009-10 Chester-le-Street PSFA Felling PSFA
2010-11 Sunderland PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
2011-12 Sunderland PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
2012-13 Chester-le-Street PSFA Sunderland PSFA
2013-14 Sunderland PSFA Redcar & Cleveland PSFA
2014-15 Sunderland PSFA North Tyneside PSFA
2015-16 Sunderland PSFA
2016-17 Middlesbrough PSFA Chester-le-Street PSFA
2017-18 Newcastle PSFA Darlington PSFA
2018-19 Redcar & Cleveland PSFA Stockton PSFA
2019-20 Competition not completed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
2020-21 No competition due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
2021-22 Newcastle PSFA South Northumberland PSFA
2022-23 Sunderland PSFA South Tyneside PSFA