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U14 Hartlepools Hospital Cup

Competition Secretary County Cup Rules Roll of Honour

An offer of a cup for an Inter-league competition was reported in November 1947. It was decided that it "would be for Under 14s, open to all constituted leagues in the County of Durham and other leagues who are in Division XI of ESFA and be an open draw".

In 1951 the rules were revised and teams were drawn in four geographical areas.

At the beginning of season 1971-72 Council had decided to look into the possibility of replacing the HHC. Because of an anonymous donor DCSFA were able to have a new trophy for this age group and to be called the U14s Challenge Trophy.

There is no further mention in the Minutes of the HHC until the AGM of 1979-80.

Special Rules

  1. Players shall not have completed their 14th year on or before the 1st September that season.
  2. All games shall be of two periods, each of 35 minutes duration.
  3. A size 4 ball to be used.

PLEASE NOTE - Only pupils in Year 8 and Year 9 are allowed to play in this competition

Could the winning team please inform the Competition Secretary with the result within 48 hours of the game ending. Any results not received within 48 hours will lead to the elimination of the team concerned.


FIRST ROUND by Saturday 25November 2023
1 Hartlepool v Darlington
2 Gateshead 1 - 2 Chester-le-St, Washington & Derwentside
3 Newcastle 2 - 0 Bishop Auckland
QUARTER FINAL by Sat 21 January 2024
Q1 Newcastle v East Northumberland
Q2 Stockton v Middlesbrough
Q3 Redcar & Cleveland v 1
Q4 East Durham v Chester-le-St, Washington & Derwentside
SEMI FINAL by Saturday 3 March 2024
SA Q2 v Q4
SB Q1 v Q3
FINAL  - To be arranged

Competition Secretary:  S Laverick

Email: stephen,

Season Winners Runners-up
1947-48 Chester-le-Street SFA Lambton & Hetton SFA
1948-49 Lambton & Hetton SFA Sunderland SFA
1949-50 Derwent Valley SFA
1950-51 West Hartlepool SFA
1951-52 Sunderland SFA Stockton SFA
1952-53 Stockton SFA Lambton & Hetton SFA
1953-54 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling SFA Darlington SFA
1954-55 Sunderland SFA
1955-56 Chester-le-Street SFA West Hartlepool SFA
1956-57 Derwent Valley SFA Spennymoor SFA
1957-58 Chester-le-Street SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
1958-59 Sunderland SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1959-60 Sunderland SFA Durham SFA
1960-61 Sunderland SFA Chester-le-Street SFA
1961-62 Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling SFA Stockton SFA
1962-63 Chester-le-Street SFA West Stanley SFA
1963-64 Stockton SFA West Stanley SFA
1964-65 South Shields SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1965-66 Chester-le-Street SFA East Durham SFA
1966-67 Stockton SFA Sunderland SFA
1967-68 East Durham SFA Chester-le-Street SFA
1968-69 Middlesbrough SFA Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling SFA
1969-70 Stanley SFA Eston & Redcar SFA
1970-71 Chester-le-Street SFA Darlington SFA
1971-72 Spennymoor SFA Jarrow, Hebburn & Felling SFA
1972-73 Shared: South Shields SFA and Spennymoor SFA
1973-74 Hartlepool SFA East Durham SFA
1974-75 Chester-le-Street SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1975-76 Sunderland SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1976-77 Sunderland SFA
1977-78 Sunderland SFA South Shields SFA
1978-79 Middlesbrough SFA
1979-80 Middlesbrough SFA
1980-81 Bishop Auckland SFA East Durham SFA
1981-82 Middlesbrough SFA South Tyneside SFA
1982-83 Sunderland SFA Durham SFA
1983-84 East Durham SFA South Tyneside SFA
1984-85 Bishop Auckland SFA East Durham SFA
1985-86 Sunderland SFA Stockton SFA
1986-87 South Tyneside SFA Chester-le-Street & Washington SFA
1987-88 Sunderland SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1988-89 Sunderland SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
1989-90 Newcastle SFA Stockton SFA
1990-91 Sunderland SFA Langbaurgh SFA
1991-92 Langbaurgh SFA Sunderland SFA
1992-93 East Northumberland SFA Darlington SFA
1993-94 South Tyneside SFA Langbaurgh SFA
1994-95 Darlington SFA Gateshead SFA
1995-96 Bishop Auckland SFA Gateshead SFA
1996-97 Middlesbrough SFA Sunderland SFA
1997-98 Gateshead SFA Middlesbrough SFA
1998-99 Sunderland SFA Redcar & Cleveland SFA
1999-00 Bishop Auckland SFA Sunderland SFA
2000-01 North Tyneside SFA Darlington SFA
2001-02 Sunderland SFA Stockton SFA
2002-03 Bishop Auckland SFA Gateshead SFA
2003-04 Gateshead SFA Hartlepool SFA
2004-05 Bishop Auckland SFA Sunderland SFA
2005-06 Bishop Auckland SFA North Tyneside SFA
2006-07 Chester-le-Street & Washington SFA Stockton SFA
2007-08 Newcastle SFA Stockton SFA
2008-09 Gateshead SFA
2009-10 Gateshead SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2010-11 Bishop Auckland SFA Chester-le-Street & Washington SFA
2011-12 Final not played
2012-13 Newcastle SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2013-14 Bishop Auckland SFA North Tyneside SFA
2014-15 Ch-le-Street, Washington & Derwentside SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2015-16 Stockton SFA Newcastle SFA
2016-17 Newcastle SFA Redcar & Cleveland SFA
2017-18 Newcastle SFA Stockton SFA
2018-19 Darlington SFA East Northumberland SFA
2019-20 Competition not completed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
2020-21 No competition due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
2021-22 Ch-le-Street, Washington & Derwentside SFA Redcar & Cleveland SFA
2022-23 Hartlepool SFA East Durham SFA