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ESFA U15 Internationals (1907-1998)

The following lists all boys who played schools' football in Durham and represented ESFA U15s. In the appended list the countries these players appeared against are indicated by the following letters

B Belgium N Netherlands
Br Brazil R Romania
C Columbia S Scotland
RoI Republic of Ireland Sp Spain
F France Sw Switzerland
G Germany T Tunisia
H Hungary U Ukraine
NI Northern Ireland W Wales
It Italy WG / G West Germany / Germany

+ Captain; (s) Substitute; (1) Goals scored

Player Association Year Opposition
Robert Musgrove Sunderland SFA 1907 W+
Simpson Bainbridge Sunderland SFA 1908 W(1)
George W Thompson Sunderland SFA 1910 W
Warneford Cresswell South Shields SFA 1911 W
H Dawson Chester-le-Street SFA 1911 S
S Hartnell Spennymoor SFA 1911 S
L Vasey Lambton SFA 1911 W S
W Kirby Washington SFA 1912 S
G Walls Chester-le-Street SFA 1912 W S
GW Wilson South Shields SFA 1912 W
Thomas Phillipson Ryton-on-Tyne SFA 1913 W S
Joseph W Robson Sunderland SFA 1913 W S
JW Spencer Sunderland SFA 1913 W+
A Scott Sunderland SFA 1914 W
Edward Watson Sunderland SFA 1914 W W S
William G Charlton Sunderland SFA 1915 W S
R Pinkney Deerness Valley SFA 1915 W
WD Reed Derwent Valley SFA 1915 S
Tommy Glidden Sunderland SFA 1916 S
Richard G Hughes Sunderland SFA 1916 W S+
G Mason Sunderland SFA 1917 S
WT Charlton Sunderland SFA 1919 W+ W S
G Bell Sunderland SFA 1920 W S
W Eltringham Sunderland SFA 1920 W
Alfred Newton Sunderland SFA 1921 W
A Parrish West Stanley SFA 1921 W
Matthew Churchill Sunderland SFA 1922 W
Frank Cresswell South Shields SFA 1922 W S
JHW Gibbs Chester-le-Street SFA 1922 W S
William Parkinson Seaham Harbour SFA 1922 W S
Frank Cresswell South Shields SFA 1923 W+ S+(1)
George Hickman Burnopfield SFA 1923 S
Thomas Tait Lambton SFA 1923 W S
Tom Halliday Deerness Valley SFA 1924 W+
FW Robson Sunderland SFA 1925 W W S
TW Charlton Crook SFA 1926 W+ S
S Smith Sunderland SFA 1926 S
Horatio S Carter Sunderland SFA 1927 W S
JR Hormsman Crook SFA 1927 S
Horatio S Carter Sunderland SFA 1928 S W+
George L Hannah Sunderland SFA 1929 W
Gilbert Glidden Sunderland SFA 1930 W
W Little Derwent Valley SFA 1930 W S
HHA Scott Chester-le-Street SFA 1930 W+ S
Frederick H Scott Chester-le-Street SFA 1931 S(1)
Alfred H Smirk Chester-le-Street SFA 1931 S
Jimmy Hagan Washington SFA 1932 W W S(2)
Johnny D Spuhler Sunderland SFA 1932 W(3) S
William Pears Crook SFA 1933 W S
HN Fowler Stockton-on Tees SFA 1934 W+ S NI
Arthur WT Wright Sunderland SFA 1934 W S NI
JC Armstrong Spennymoor SFA 1935 W S
Henry S Oliver Sunderland SFA 1935 NI
Richard S Bell Crook SFA 1936 W(3) S(3) NI(6)
E Ireland South Shields SFA 1936 NI
Norman Penrose Derwent Valley SFA 1936 W S NI
William Ellerington Sunderland SFA 1937 W NI S(1)
John E Teare Sunderland SFA 1938 NI+ S
S Williamson Lambton & Hetton SFA 1938 NI
W Stan Lloyd East Durham SFA 1939 NI W S
Stanley Anderson East Durham SFA 1949 W S W
G Michael Lydon Sunderland SFA 1949 W W
Robert Brown Gateshead SFA 1950 S
James Scott Lambton & Hetton SFA 1950 W S(3) S RoI
Kenneth Storey Derwent Valley SFA 1951 NI
Peter R Chape Sunderland SFA 1952 NI
Kenneth Jones Sunderland SFA 1952 S S RoI
Kenneth Storey Derwent Valley SFA 1952 S S W RoI
Peter R Chape Sunderland SFA 1953 RoI S
A Rodgerson Lambton & Hetton SFA 1954 W
W Clarke Lambton & Hetton SFA 1955 NI
John Talbut South Shields SFA 1955 NI+
J Walker Spennymoor SFA 1955 NI
Stanley Wynn Sunderland SFA 1955 W W S RoI
Peter Simpson Sunderland SFA 1956 S
Morris Emmerson Crook SFA 1958 RoI
William Atkinson (did not play for DCSFA) Seaham SFA 1960 W G(1) S
L Ker Durham SFA 1960 W G S S RoI
Denis Thwaites Stockton-on Tees SFA 1960 NI W G S(1) S
Howard Kendall Chester-le-Street SFA 1961 W
Kenneth Morton Bishop Auckland SFA 1962 W(1) NI
David Smith Stockton-on-Tees SFA 1963 NI
George Luke Lambton & Hetton SFA 1964 NI W G G(s) S RoI
Colin Suggett Chester-le-Street SFA 1964 NI W(1) G G S RoI
David Thomas Bishop Auckland SFA 1966 S NI WG WG
Richard E Pitt Seaham SFA 1967 WG WG S S W I
David Jeff Lambton & Hetton SFA 1968 W WG WG NI
Eric Young Stockton & Billingham SFA 1968 S W WG WG S(s) NI
Peter A Creamer Hartlepool SFA 1969 RoI NI
Harry Wilson Seaham SFA 1969 S W N W
Gordon W Cattrell Chester-le-Street SFA 1970 NI W WG WG
Wilfred Rostron Sunderland SFA 1972 NI F(1) N N W S WG WG(1)
Peter Stronach Sunderland SFA 1972 NI F(2) N N W(1) S WG WG(1)
Derek Scott Gateshead SFA 1973 NI N W S F WG WG S
Anthony W Armstrong Chester-le-Street SFA 1976 N(s) W(s)
Colin Oakley East Durham SFA 1979 NI W N Sw W
Allan Hope Sunderland SFA 1981 NI W Sw Sw S WG WG
Tony Nesbit Sunderland SFA 1983 NI(s) WG(s) N S W S
Dale White Sunderland SFA 1983 NI WG N S W(1) S
Gary Breeds Sunderland SFA 1984 NI(s) S WG(s)
Jon Thompson Chester-le-Street SFA 1989 NI(s) S Sw W WG WG
Martin Smith Sunderland SFA 1990 NI(1) F W S It WG WG(1) N
Mark Tinkler Bishop Auckland SFA 1990 NI+ F+ W S It+ WG WG(1) N
Nathan Murray (FA School) South Tyneside SFA 1991 NI+(1) S+(1) Sw+ W+ B+ N+ WG+
Eric Collins Gateshead SFA 1992 NI WG
Andrew Duncan Gateshead SFA 1993 RoI(s) NI WG(s)
Stuart Brightwell (FA School) East Durham SFA 1994 W(s) Sw(s)
Elliott Dickman (FA School) Derwentside SFA 1994 W NI N S G G(s) F
Peter J Holmes (FA School) Bishop Auckland SFA 1996 W NI Sp H N(s) G F
Ben Clark Derwentside SFA 1998 B W I Br Br S T R C U RoI F NI T H G
Stuart Parnaby (FA School) Bishop Auckland SFA 1998 B(1) W Br Br S(s) T R C U RoI F It H G