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Competition Rules

  1. Each school will select a squad of 10 players, 7 of whom will form the team, the other 3 being substitutes.
  2. Matches shall consist of 2 periods of 7 minutes.
  3. A win will gain 3 points and a draw 1 point.
  4. Should teams have the same number of points the highest placed team shall be decided as follows:
    1. Goal difference
    2. Most goals scored
    3. Won most matches
    4. Result(s) of matches between the teams concerned.
    5. Should teams share a qualifying position in the group and the playing records are identical, then a play off match may be arranged if time permits. If this is impossible, the position will be decided by penalty kicks.
  5. If the scores are level at the end of normal time in a play off, play will continue for a further period of 6 minutes, 3 minutes each way. Any goal scored in this period of extra time will terminate the game. If this fails to determine the winning team, the position will be decided by penalty kicks.
  6. All rounds are to be played on the date and at the venue set by the Primary Cups Committee and the result reported to the Cup Secretary.
  7. The entry fee per school shall be £3.
  8. DCSFA will provide mementoes for winners and runners-up.
  9. Protests must be lodged within 7 days, in accordance with County Cup Rule 10.

All DCSFA Primary 7-a-side competitions will be played according to the FA Laws for Mini-Soccer (7 v 7).