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Rules for Primary Competitions

  1. The competitions shall be open to all duly constituted Primary Schools' Associations affiliated to Durham County Schools' Football Association.
  2. The Primary Committee shall govern the competitions.
  3. Players to be eligible must not have completed their 11th year before 2nd Sept of the current season.
  4. The laws shall be those of the English Schools' FA except that:
    1. The ball shall be the size 3 or 4 and made of leather.
    2. Substitutes, of any number, shall be allowed at all times and in any position.
    3. Pitch length 75 to 110 yards, width 50 to 60 yards.
    4. Goals to be 21 ft by 7 ft.
    5. All matches to be of two periods of 25 minutes. When a game has resulted in a draw it must be replayed within 14 days. In such replayed matches an extra 5 minutes each way should be played if necessary. Half time not to exceed 5 minutes.
  5. The home team, in any tie, must acquaint their opponents of the situation of the ground, time of kick off and colours in which they play, whilst arranging the date of the fixture. Date of fixture to be arranged within 5 days of the notification of opponent. In the event of the two colours being the same the home team must change. In the event of a draw the HOME TEAM must inform the Cup Secretary of the result of the game.
  6. A charge must be made for admission to semi-finals and finals. Failure to do so will lead to refusal of entries for the following season.
  7. In all rounds, prior to the semi-final, the profits shall be kept by the home team. In semi-finals and finals all profits shall be sent to the Cup Secretary. Balance sheets must be sent to the Cup Secretary within 21 days of the completion of the tie. No expenses may be charged for transport.
  8. Sixteen mementoes will be provided for both finalists by the DCSFA.
  9. In the semi-finals and finals the Cup Secretary will appoint referees but each school/association must appoint an assistant referee.
  10. The finals of the Primary Competitions to be played on a date and venue set by the Primary Cups Committee. In the finals, if the scores are equal at the end of normal time the trophies shall he shared.
  11. Protests must be lodged within 7 days, in accordance with County Cup Rule 10.
  12. The entry fee per school/association shall be £3.
  13. All ties must be played by the fixed dates and a result reported to the Cup Secretary in accordance with County Cup rules 8 and 9.
  14. No alterations shall he made to these rules except at the AGM of the Primary Committee.
  15. A Primary Cups' Committee shall be appointed to assist in the running of the various competitions. The committee shall consist of the officials (chairman, vice-chairman, secretary) and eight other representatives.
  16. The Primary Cups Committee will appoint Cup Secretaries to administer and report to Council:
    1. Alan Grimes Memorial Trophy
    2. Leadgate Eden Colliery Cup
    3. Year 4 Trophy
    4. Girls Trophy
    5. School 5-a-side and Association 5 / 7a-side
    6. Association 11-a-side

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