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Ken Peddieson U13 Inter-Association Cup


Special Rules

  1. Girls shall have completed their 11th year but not their 13th year on or before 1st September that season (i.e. girls from Years 7 and 8).
  2. Games will be played on a round robin basis.
  3. The duration of each match shall be 15 minutes straight through
  4. A size 4 ball to be used.

Competition Secretary: E Lewis


Roll of Honour

Season Winners Runners-up
2007-08 Sunderland SFA
2008-09 Sunderland SFA Darlington SFA
2009-10 Sunderland SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2010-11 Darlington SFA Sunderland SFA
2011-12 Sunderland SFA East Durham SFA
2012-13 East Northumberland SFA Darlington SFA
2013-14 Final not played
2014-15 East Northumberland SFA North Tyneside SFA
2015-16 Ch-le-St, Washington & Derwentside SFA East Northumberland SFA
2016-17 Ch-le-St, Washington & Derwentside SFA Bishop Auckland SFA
2017-18 Newcastle SFA Ch-le-St, Washington & Derwentside SFA