RISK ASSESSMENT for DURHAM CSFA (CUP FINALS)                          Date: January 2021

Teams: Finalists will differ each year.

General Information

DCSFA has a series of County Cup Finals at the end of each season. These are usually held at the same venue.


ALL DCSFA staff with direct contact with cup final teams will have been approved by the DCSFA either as a qualified practicing teacher, a retired teacher or an accredited AOTT; hold an in-date FA DBS Check Certificate and have had relevant in-date Safeguarding Training – via their individual school or a FA accredited course.

Staff accompanying cup final teams will also be bona fide members of their respective school / college / academy staff.

When girls’ teams are participating in finals there should always be at least one female member of staff present. This will be the responsibility of competing finalists.


HAZARD (to whom and likelihood)

Site – Group – Activity – Transport


What procedures will be in place (controlled measures)



        Parents                           Staff                       Players


DCSFA staff to arrive early to venue to ensure everything is ok to host the final and to receive any early arrival Players/teams.

Indoor / Holding areas need to be checked where available and each coach responsible for the area they will use - will also need to check and ensure suitable and safe area for warm up.

In the case of extreme conditions – finals need to be cancelled as early as possible and communicated to all schools / colleges / academies involved to inform their players / Parents/ Carers through contact lists.

Finalist schools / colleges / academy staff will be responsible to inform players’ Parents/Carers about the finals and will follow the accepted Policy and protocols for such an event within their school / college / academy.

DCSFA Staff will have information of finalists

Players will be informed via their Parents/Carers of trials and will be in receipt of all information necessary in line with individual school/college/academy Policy and procedures for such an event



It will be expected that individual school / college / academy staff will have Parent / Carer contact details ON THE DAY of finals in case of injury / problems or other issue, if contact is needed.


Staff accompanying finalist teams




Players will change in their own specific area (both before and after the game) indoors if necessary or arrive changed.

It will be expected that accompanying staff should not change in the same room as the players and only enter the changing room when all players have completed changing or similar in line with individual school / college / academy policy on student changing.

Players will be reminded about personal belongings and informed as to security. This will be the responsibility of competing school / college / academy.

DCSFA staff to ensure that changing rooms are locked following departure and opened immediately on arrival by the players following the game.





DURING FINAL – Injuries / Incidents

Each competing finalist Coach / Team Manager will manage incidents.

School / colleges / academy staff will be reminded that it is their responsibility for first aid – with access to Medical kit bag, mobile phone.


DCSFA staff & school staff

DCSFA Staff to inform finalist




The equipment used by finalists remains the sole responsibility of the finalists – adequate attention to be made to ensure any faulty equipment is not used and discarded appropriately.


Coach / Manager of finalists




DCSFA staff to remain on site until finalist teams depart.






Parents may wish to stay to watch sessions which is allowed – Parents will remain in set areas a safe distance from the player groups. This will be monitored by relevant team coaches / management of finalist teams






When different venues are used for finals –DCSFA staff and finalist staff to be made aware of and follow all local safeguarding procedures unique to the venue and any specific RA to the venue. This will be relayed to Parents / Carers / Players by finalists’ staff.


DCSFA Staff to inform individual finalists’ staff




DCSFA has COVID specific risk assessments and procedures in place in line with the latest FA and Government guidance. Local Facility provider COVID plans and these risk assessments to be shared with the County coaches to ensure compliance with local rules, safeguarding and any specific COVID guidance.

Local Facility provider COVID plans to be shared with the County coaches to ensure compliance with local rules.

Parents informed as to the expectations via individual finalist staff.


Players informed as to the expectations.