Date of Match

Approximate numbers

16-18 per team plus coaching staff & accompanying staff


U14/16 Girls and U15/U16/U18 Boys




DCSFA have the following policies in place.

Attached to this Risk Assessment

Checked and agreed by

Name of venue and address


Venue for matches change and this Risk Assessment will be seen in conjunction with any specific RA requirements of individual venues.


Safeguarding Children


ESFA website


Lead Organisation contact

Name: This will change dependent upon personnel on the day.




Social Media / Photography

ESFA website & DCSFA website


Contact details of opposition for away fixtures

Opposition: This will be dependent upon opposition.

Contact name:





ESFA website


Association Welfare Officer contact, as notified to players and parents

Name: Alan Johnston

Phone: 0771 944 6550

Email: alanjohnston100@sky.com


Showering and Changing rooms

See RA attached










Travel, Trips and Tournaments

See specific RA if appropriate



Consent for photography and filming for each player signed

DCSFA website



Codes of Conduct signed by players, coaching staff and parents / carers.

DCSFA website



ALL staff with direct contact with DCSFA teams will have been approved by the DCSFA either as a qualified practicing teacher, a retired teacher or an accredited AOTT; hold an in-date FA DBS Check Certificate and have had relevant in-date Safeguarding Training – either via their individual school or a FA accredited course.

Staff accompanying teams will also be accredited by the ESFA on affiliation.

When the girls’ teams are travelling to away fixtures there should always be at least one female member of staff on the bus who meets the appropriate DBS and Safeguarding recommendations.

HAZARD (to whom and likelihood)

Site – Group – Activity – Transport


What procedures will be in place? (controlled measures)



          Parents                     Staff                           Players

















HOME GAMES: Players are responsible for travel to and from all Home games.  Parents/Carers will be given information in good time prior to the date of a fixture detailing all necessary arrangements e.g., venue, meeting time, travel clothing, & expectations.

AWAY GAMES: For matches against Northumberland and Cleveland players are required to make their own way to games. For Cumbria, North & South Yorkshire hired transport for players, staff and parents if required will be provided.

Buses used will be from an approved and reputable operator and will meet requirements of school travel.

Parents will receive detailed information of the travel schedule including pick up and drop off points with timings. Pick up points will be in Service Areas in public places, well-lit and at a main entrance.

Player behaviour on coaches to be managed by team management and County staff in line with Bus company Policy. Players will be checked on and off the coach at all times and given clear instructions as to behaviour and time of return. Clear instruction will be given so that no player should be on his / her own. (# See below) It will be pointed out that if at any time any player feels uncomfortable about any member of the public in their proximity that they inform a member of staff who will be accompanying them in such areas as Service Stations etc.

Where travel distance dictates the coach may stop at services for comfort breaks. Managers will be responsible for their teams on / off the bus (roll call) and players set strict rules about behaviour during these breaks.

# Players will remain in minimum groups of 3 at all times during stops.

Periodic checks will be made to remind players to wear their seat belt especially on entering the coach on arrival and flowing comfort breaks.

Large kit items will be stored in the hold with only hand luggage safely stored inside the coach in the appropriate areas.

Parents informed via email of fixture.

All correspondence to Parents / Carers will include the name & contact number of the County CWO.

Staff informed via email of fixture

Parents / Carers to inform players of details for fixture from information given by DCSFA.

Parents / Carers will have contact numbers for coaches / team managers.






Players to be informed as to behaviour and expectations.


(In order to contact Parents / Carers if there are any issues)


A member of staff accompanying the group will hold ALL pupil data including contact telephone numbers of Parent / Carers. This information will be held in confidence and only used in connection with DCSFA – this will be pointed out to Parents / Carers when the information is collected initially.

Team Managers will acquaint themselves with any specific medical requirements that players may have.


Accompanying DCSFA Staff


DURING MATCHES – Injuries / Incidents

Each Team Manager to manage incidents. An identified first aider will be available at all matches – with access to and knowledge of how to use the Medical kit bag. They will also have a fully charged and working mobile phone.

Any incidents requiring treatment on the day will be recorded with details of the incident and record of treatment.

Parents / Carers will be informed of any significant treatment administered to all players either in person or via contact telephone numbers provided.






Relevant Parent / Carer






First Aider identified to players


The equipment used by coaches / managers within the warmup session is the sole responsibility of the coach leading the session – adequate attention to be made to ensure any faulty equipment is not used and discarded appropriately. Any warmup section of the facility is to be checked re safety to use for the purpose of the warmup.


Coach/Team Manager



Players will change in their own specific area (both before and after the game) into a playing strip shirt, shorts & socks provide by DCSFA. Players will have their own training / warm up top. At the end of the match soiled kit will be placed in relevant bags for collection. Playing kit remains the responsibility of the DCSFA team management. Accompanying staff should not change in the same room as the players and only enter the changing room when all players have completed changing.

Players will be reminded about personal belongings and informed as to security.

DCSFA staff to ensure that changing rooms are locked following departure and opened immediately on arrival by the players following the game.


Accompanying staff

Players informed as to expectations


DCSFA staff to remain with players until all are collected by agreed contacts at appropriate drop off points.

Any other injuries or concerns not noted by staff initially during playing time to be relayed to staff by players and if deemed relevant referred to a players’ Parent / Carer.

Players travelling back with another Parent / Carer to inform Management before leaving.


Accompanying Staff



Parents may wish to watch matches which is allowed.

Parents will remain in set areas a safe distance from the players/coaching groups. This will be monitored by relevant team coaches/management.

Parents / Carers may need direction according to local conditions e.g., Respect barriers or cordoned spectator areas.




DCSFA staff to be made aware of and follow all local safeguarding procedures unique to the venue.


Accompanying staff

Players informed



NB dependent upon restrictions etc this Risk Assessment MUST be used in conjunction with all other RAs.

DCSFA has COVID specific risk assessment and procedures in place in line with the latest FA and Government guidance. Local Facility provider COVID plans and these RAs to be shared with the County coaches to ensure compliance with local rules, safeguarding and any specific COVID guidance.

Parents / Carers will need to be aware of the RA and rationale

Accompanying Staff will need to be aware of the RA and rationale

Players will need to be aware of the RA and rationale




Assessed by: __________________________________________        Signed: ________________________________  Date: ________________




Durham County Schools’ FA enter the Northern Counties SFA competition which is divided into two leagues featuring counties in the EAST and WEST of the North Region with initial matches in both leagues being played against neighbouring counties. Durham CSFA play in the East league and matches include Cleveland, Cumbria, Northumberland, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.


If a DCSFA team finishes in the top two positions they may play against a team from the West league which includes Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and West Yorkshire.


Friendlies are sometimes arranged with local Academy Sides including Sunderland AFC, Newcastle Utd AFC & Middlesbrough AFC.



February 21