The selection of each DCSFA Squad is the responsibility of the management team appointed annually by the DCSFA Executive. These individuals will work together with other DCSFA officials (selectors) where appropriate, to aid selection.  The selection criteria for a squad for the season as a whole or for any particular match are based on the managers’ / selectors’ judgement and perception of a player’s abilities, attitude / conduct (including factors such as punctuality, appearance and reliability), athleticism, decision-making, fitness levels, commitment (including attendance at training sessions) and the need for team balance. All selection decisions, whether for further trials in the trials process, or for the final squad, are based on the managers’ / selectors’ judgement and the DCSFA is unable to discuss individual cases. Parents / Carers are asked to be mindful of this.

In all in Inter-county competition matches, selection and playing time may be made on the “best team” basis although over the season as a whole every effort will be made to involve the whole squad – the extent to which this is possible will depend on the management team’s judgement and perception as outlined above.

The DCSFA teams compete in the Northern Counties Championship where for match days a squad of 16 players must be named. Team selection will list these 16 plyers with reserves identified. Reserves will be called into the squad if necessary. Subsequently when an entire squad is deemed available, certain players may be ‘rested’. Every effort will be made not to ‘rest’ players for consecutive matches unless injured or not available.


In order to select the players for the team the following will apply:

·         Players must be nominated by their school / college / academy / association. No other form of nomination will be accepted.

·         Players’ Parents / Carers must complete and sign the official Consent Form after having been made aware of the necessary information concerning the trials.

·         The DCSFA shall administer the selection process.

·         All trialists will be informed as to expectations if selected in the final squad following a verbal overview of the selection process etc.  These expectations include a commitment to be available if selected for all matches.

·         A minimum of two managers/selectors are to be at each trial.

·         The management team and other DCSFA officials shall be the main selectors. Other selectors may be invited by the DCSFA as appropriate.

·         Whenever possible, no selector shall be involved in the selection of any player who is directly related to them, or who attends the school / college / academy at which they teach, or who plays for any other team with which they are involved. In such an instance a declaration of interest will be made.


The number of trials to be held will be determined by the number of nominations received.

Each trial shall consist of match play, but trials may also incorporate coaching which will form part of the selection process.

During match play, players can expect to participate for a reasonable length of time across the trial process as a whole – as determined by the managers / selectors for the purposes of making judgments. Due to factors outside of the control of DCSFA e.g., an abundance of strikers, mid field players etc. some players may receive more game time than others.

Every endeavour shall be given to trialling players in their preferred positions, although there will be occasions when a player is asked to play in another position.

Selectors shall consider all aspects of the game including (but not limited to) physical ability, skill, tactics and attitude.

Selectors shall reach decisions by consensus wherever possible. If consensus cannot be reached, a vote by the main selectors shall be held.

When selecting one player before another, selectors shall make an “on balance” decision, based on all the attributes and abilities shown by the players.

Following the final trial, a squad plus reserves will be announced. When selecting the final squad, selectors shall consider the balance of the squad in terms of positional play.

Unsuccessful players will be contacted by the DCSFA Secretary / Team Management.

Prior achievements and accomplishments outside of trials and squad training may be considered and DCSFA reserve the right to withdraw a player(s) from the squad if their school/college/academy request DCSFA to do so.

Injured players may be given time to trial by being exempted from early trials or by being included in squads provided the timeline is sufficient to enable adequate preparation after selection.


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