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ESFA U18 Internationals since 1965

The following played for DCSFA and represented ESFA at Under 18 Level

In the appended list the countries against these players appeared are indicated by the following letters:-

Au Australia NI Northern Ireland
A Austria NZ New Zealand
B Belgium P Poland
RoI Republic of Ireland S Scotland
F France Sl Slovakia
H Hungary Sw Switzerland
Ne Netherlands W Wales
+ Captain; (s) Substitute; (1) Goals scored

Player Association Year Opposition
Keith Stephenson Sunderland 1965 W S
Neil Armstrong Chester-le-Street 1967 S W
Neil Mathams Sunderland 1967 W S
Keith Dyson Seaham 1968 W S
Peter Candler Sunderland 1972 S W
Trevor Henderson Sunderland 1974 S W
Anthony Smith Sunderland 1975 W+ S+
Derek Miller Durham 1980 S(1) S(s)
Wesley Saunders Boldon 1981 S W S
Ian Dawes Washington 1983 S S W
Anthony Philliskirk Sunderland 1983 S(1) W(1)
Darren Melville South Shields 1984 S Sw W+
William Ferry Sunderland 1985 S S W
Ian Chandler Sunderland 1986 S(s) Sw Sw
Andrew Johnson Bishop Auckland 1986 S(1) S(1) Sw Sw(s)
Mark Shearer Hebburn 1986 S Sw
Gary Megennis Hebburn 1987 W(1) Sw S
Adrian Ibbetson Darlington 1988 Ne+ W+ Sw+ Sw+
Marc Hopkinson Sunderland 1990 Ne Sw
David Wales Gateshead 1990 Ne W Sw Sw
Simon Bates Durham 1992 Ne RoI Sw Sw
Andrew Duncan Gateshead 1994 F W A Sl(s) Ne
Mark Scott Darlington 1994 F W Sw A SL Ne
Gary Innes Derwentside 1996 B Ne(2) Sw W(1)
Daniel O'Brien Durham 1998 A W
Steven Foster Durham 1999 RoI+ NI+ S+ W+ Ne+(1)
Gary Burke East Durham 2000 RoI NI W H S A
John Barker Bishop Auckland 2007 B(s) S(s) RoI NI W(s)
Jack Burridge South Tyneside 2007 B(2) S RoI NI W
James Ellis Durham 2009 S(s) RI F(s)
Andrew Kelly Darlington 2010 NI W NZ+ S RoI
Jonathan Evans Gateshead 2011 NI(s) W S(s) RoI P
Michael Sweet Gateshead 2012 Au W P(s) NI(2) S(1) RoI(2)
Dean Briggs Gateshead 2014 Au(2) NI S
Adam Curry South Tyneside 2014 Au W RoI NI S
Andrew White Darlington 2014 Au W RoI(1) NI(2) S(1)
Adam Curry South Tyneside 2015 Au+ W+ NI+(1) S+ RoI+
Jordan Skelton Gateshead 2015 W NI S RoI
Fraser Collin Sunderland 2018 RoI S(s) W NI(s)
Cieran Jackson Bishop Auckland 2018 RoI S W NI
Joe Lockey Sunderland 2020
Ben Reay Darlington 2020
Taylor Richardson Sunderland 2020
Matthew Wade Sunderland 2020
Sam Johnson Chester-le-Street 2022 RoI(s) W
Sam Johnson Chester-le-Street 2023 RoI S(2) NI W
Harvey Smith Sunderland 2023 RoI S NI W
George Wilkinson Bishop Auckland 2023 RoI S NI W